The function of Yu Lemei

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1, nutrient fertilizer water: This product is rich in carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and other nutrients to supplement algae growth must have nutrients, and quickly cultivate excellent water color.
2, net hydrolysis poison: as an adsorbent, adsorbing suspended organic matter and sediment in water, sedimenting to the bottom of the pond, reducing ammonia nitrogen, stabilizing PH value, improving water body transparency, eliminating water eutrophication.
3, inhibition of moss and grass: dissolved in water to form a soy sauce color, can block some of the sun directly to the bottom of the pond, thereby inhibiting the growth and reproduction of harmful algae such as moss, naked dinoflagellate.
4, antibacterial weight gain: This product contains active groups such as phenol, promote the vitality of digestive enzymes, stimulate the digestive function of animals. At the same time, due to the adsorption of the product, the feed nutrients can pass through the intestinal tract slowly, enhance the absorption and digestion time, increase the absorption rate of nutrients, and promote the growth of animals.


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